Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions
Arrives with and moves with a friends and family"group that includes TanCordSprayer and GingerJuggerNot. Approaches Capitol from West Side. Attacks officers early with a flag pole, pushes at barricades. Attacks police lines on W. Plaza, working together with OrangeNTeal (Sabol). Jumps over other rioters to attack police officers. Punches an officer in the face. Siezes an LEOs shield and pulls officer down the stairs. Thrusts shield toward an officers throat. Attempts to pull an officer over a barricade on the Lower West Terrace. Removes shields from and uses them against officers at the entrance of the Innaguration Tunnel. Remains at the tunnel until officers begin to clear the area.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Pants, a shirt, ballistic plate-carrier vest, and backpack, all in a multicam-pattern, with distinctive military morale patches on the front of the vest, as well as green kneepads and brown tactical gloves with black, molded plastic knuckles. Dark hair and dark full beard. Patches include: Punisher logo on a light brown background, In God We Trust, cartoon white mecha called a Weapon Evolution WEVO Machine Gun Kitty.

Violence MPD Suspect: Y
Alternate Hashtags: #FBI144AFO, #Magnolia
Associates: #GingerJuggerNot, #TanCordSprayer, #MichaelPerkins, #OliviaPollock
Case Status: Indicted
Defendant name: POLLOCK, Jonathan Daniel
Case #: 1:21-cr-447
State: FL

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FullCamoKneePads on by @jan6evidence

FullCamoKneePads on by @seditionhunters

FullCamoKneePads on by @seditiontrack

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #BabyMachoMan #BadSamaritanGrey #BlackPufferWhiteScarf #CouyGriffin #GasMaskBatMan #GingerJuggerNot #GreenHornHoodlum #MrBeanAFO #OliviaPollock #OrangeHoodieRedHat #OrangeNTeal #ParacordGuy #PinStripeBoilerSuit #PippiLongScarf #RedChinStrap #TanCordSprayer #WhiteStrikeOut