Capitol Terrorist Attack
Please provide information sought by the FBI at or or call 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324).

Wanted individuals are listed at


This site is being maintained on a limited basis. As of October 2022, updates are being made on existing records as arrests are made, but new individuals are not typically being added to the underlying database. is recommended as a more comprehensive data set.

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Capitol Attack Resources by @CapitolHunters #?? Sheet: Annotated Apperance of Individuals ?? Doc: A Visual Guide to the U.S. Capitol Exterior & Grounds by SansaStark525 ?? Doc: A Visual Guide to the U.S. Capitol Interior by SansaStark525 ?? Doc: Timeline ?????? Sheet: Pro Footage & Photos by SansaStark525 ?? Sheet: Ellipse Music/Speech Timeline by K2TheSky ?? Wikipedia: Timeline

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