Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Middle-aged woman wearing a camo baseball cap that has black sunglasses sitting on the bill. Dark gaiter around her neck. Black and red check hooded jacket. Over that is a black vest with a silver chain connecting the two sides in front. The back of the vest has a large white panel with two images: half of a stars and stripes skull and a black submachine gun. Over the vest is a set of drab green shoulder straps that support some bags around her waist. A green bag hangs from the back left above a brown bag. A gas mask also appears to hang from her right hip. Blue jeans. Black gloves. Photographed carrying a Trumpified US flag on a metal pole.

Proud Boys

ViperLadyPB on by @jan6evidence

ViperLadyPB on by @detrumpify_org

PB Region: ProudGirls
Org. behav.: Y
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