Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions (from this sheet):
Boasts about the riot shield he stole from LEO. This guy seems to be a comedian with a YouTube channel. He may have been doing a parody for his viewers.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Dark brown leather jacket over a black hoodie. Dark blue baseball cap. Brown beard and mustache.

StolenShield on by @jan6evidence

StolenShield on by @detrumpify_org

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #IAmBrysonGray, #NunezPB

Parler videos:

4wpTpMUzTYNA 2020-11-14 22:19:15
JjYXyT9z92x8 2020-11-15 20:54:10?
5an2kTUFQs2t 2021-01-06 16:04:06
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