Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions (from this sheet):
Goes up Penn. Walkway and is present on W. Plaza, later seen on E. Capitol Steps. Identified by a video he posted to his Facebook page

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Black Trump 2020 baseball hat, reflective sunglasses, black tactical vest

Proud Boys Intrusion

VARGAS SANTOS, Hector Emmanuel

SmokingPhoenix on by @jan6evidence

SmokingPhoenix on by @seditiontrack

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #BrownFlightSchool, #GoldMaskPB, #KnifeLeather, #MAGAretWhiteCoat, #TrackSuitPB

Alternate Hashtags:#HectorVargas
Case Status: Arrested
State: NJ
Military: Marines

Parler videos:

KAipffF8QN4W 2021-01-06 13:25:02
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