Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions
Enters the Capitol via the Columbus Doors. Among the crowd who is stopped by police outside the House Chamber and who attempt to breach the doors to the House.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Hair is shaved very short, almost bald. Dark brown, full beard and mustache not connected to the sideburns. Earring in left ear. Silver necklace. Black short-sleeved t-shirt over a white long-sleeved t-shirt. The black shirt has a large white pattern on the chest. Recorded using a smartphone inside the Capitol Building.

Intrusion Alternate Hashtags: #Insider1308
Associates: #DeborahLee
Case Status: Arrested
Defendant name: RUSYN, Michael Joseph
Arrested: 4/9/2021
Case #: 1:21-cr-303
State: PA

Appears in the following YouTube videos (try if no longer available via YouTube):

MichaelRusyn on by @jan6evidence

MichaelRusyn on by @seditiontrack