Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions (from this sheet):
In the crowd on the West Plaza. Participates in initial NW scaffolding breach. Sprays police with fire extinguisher. Seen inside Capitol in Rotunda and on House side.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Grey coat and a black hooded sweatshirt. Camo backpack. Gas mask with full acrylic face shield. Army green helmet. Possibly a yellow star earring in his right ear. Black backpack over top of camo hydration pack.

Intrusion Violence Spraying

Appears in the following YouTube videos (try if no longer available via YouTube):

GreyFogger on by @jan6evidence

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #FluffyMcGreen, #GasMaskTwins, #GreenHoodlum, #RussellTaylor

Parler videos:

mxhCOOkUXgbA 2021-01-06 14:04:13
LPzW6NfUWObI 2021-01-06 19:03:17?
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