Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions (from this sheet):
Crosses onto E. Plaza during NE barrier breach, moves to NE steps and takes part in J6EastMeet, seen moving around with WoodlandNorris

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Black baseball cap with a yellow logo on the front. Hat reads "Recon Marines." The logo is the Navy and Marine Corps parachutist badge. Black sunglasses. White mustache. White/clear earpiece in his left ear. Black bomber jacket with numerous patches on it (detailed below). The large, silver zipper of the jacket seems to be carrying a laminated white piece of paper, like a pass. Under the jacket is a white button-down shirt. Desert camo backpack with a cross-strap. Dark blue jeans. Brown shoes or boots. Carries a smartphone with a black case. Gold ring on his left ring finger. Patches: Front right of jacket has a yellow patch at the top, another yellow patch below that, next is a gray rectangular patch with a red cross, and a round red patch at the bottom with the US Marine Corps logo. The front left probably has a patch at the top, a triangular patch in the middle (Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (, and a dark round patch at the bottom that might also have the Marine Corps globe. There is a small, rectangular, white patch on right upper arm shoulder, and a large US flag on the left upper arm. Two pens are in the pen pockets on the upper left arm. The back left of the jacket has a brown and light blue patch on the top, a circular green patch beneath that, and on the bottom is a red shield-shaped patch with yellow writing and a white skull (USMC 3rd Reconaissance Battalion (See, and page 17 here May also have two white rectangular patches on the back right part of the jacket near the shoulder. This device is awarded only to US Navy personnel, suggesting the man was an enlisted sailor attached to Marine Corps units. Thank you to the anonymous contributor with those patch details.

GnarleyParley on by @jan6evidence

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #EastSideStripes, #IAmAlexJones, #KleenKutKen, #PurpleMeatHead, #WoodlandNorris

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