Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions
Involved in fighting at North Door, at least in inciting cops, tear gassed. Seen inside Capitol in the crypt. Appears to have a GF with him when near the North Doors.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Full, plastic face-mask with vertical red stripes on his left side and a blue field with white stars on his right side. Dark hair in a short, military-style haircut. The right side of his head has a US flag painted above the ear. Photographed at the rally on the Mall without the mask and with a black knit cap that has some white writing on it. He also revealed a very short, brown beard and mustache. Large, black, short-sleeve t-shirt worn over a black, long-sleeve hoodie. The shirt is an "Elite Breed USMC Marine Corps Premium T-Shirt" that says "USMC" on the front in red and white letters above a darkened emblem of the Marine Corps. The same lettering is on the top of the shirt's back, over a metallic eagle with outstretched wings standing on a red disc that has the Marine Corps logo again. Black pants from Nike. Black or dark gray footwear. Recorded using a smartphone on the Mall and in the Capitol Crypt.

ViolenceIntrusion Alternate Hashtags: #Insider0733
Associates: #FlagFaceMarineGF

Parler videos:


FlagFaceMarine on by @jan6evidence

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #BigBrickPitcher #BluePliersGuy #CaesarNoSalad #FacePaintBlowHard #FlagFaceMarineGF #GingerSneezy #HarleySmashAOM #JonRyanSchaffer #PBStrutter #Stephmb293 #StihlGreenGuy #SuitGuy