Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions (from this sheet):
Assaulted officers on W. Plaza multiple times, including pushing officer over rail. This occurred right before #extinguisherman threw fire extinguisher. Appears to be with two women, escorted them away from crowd before returning to fray and pushing officer.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Light blue jeans. Black coat with leather sleeves and a white logo on the left front. Black gloves. Blue Trump hat. Shoulder length light brown hair. Goatee. Has several folding chairs strapped on his back.


#107A, B, C, D, E

ChairGuy on

Appears in a photo and/or video with: #EmoNazi, #Individual4

MPD Suspect: Y

Parler videos:

6FY6c0d8IMjz 2021-01-06 14:28:30
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