Capitol Terrorist Attack
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Summary of Observed Actions
Involved in tunnel fight near the front of the melee. Pretended to "bear hug" Officer Fanone before pulling him toward the crowd. Carrying a sheathed knife with a wooden handle at his waist.

Appearance notes (from this sheet):
Short brown hair and mustache. May also have a beard. Gray and white gaiter. Dark gray short-sleeve shirt over a black long-sleeve shirt. The gray shirt has a logo on the left breast with a red object inside a white circle. The back of the shirt says something like "The Original Lucky Thirteen." Dark blue pants and light brown work boots. Sometimes wears a gray Trump baseball cap.

Violence AFO/AOM: 111-AFO
Case Status: Plea Deal
Defendant name: HEAD, Albuquerque Cosper
Arrested: 4/16/2021
Case #: 1:21-cr-291
State: TN

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Appears in a photo and/or video with: #BadMarinePB #GreyJacketJAG #MindBlownBlonde